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Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, November 8&9, 2018

The European Broker Meeting supports Duchenne Now!

DuchenneNow Since 2011 the generous support of the European Broker Meeting has raised over 75,000 Euros for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. These funds have gone into a recent research project that is showing positive early results. This support is truly fantastic and has gone a long way in helping us continue in our quest to find viable treatments and a cure for Duchenne.

We are honoured and grateful to have your support again for the European Broker Meeting. Your support will help continue to fund promising research projects to find a viable treatment and cure for the 300,000 children world-wide living with Duchenne.

One of our long time members Tony Levene's (Eurosimm) son Joey has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Joey is nearly 8 years old and following his diagnosis over 6 years ago Tony took the positive approach and became heavily involved in fundraising and finding international research projects to fund.

Tony along with 2 other Duchenne parents are trustees of a charity Duchenne Now with the very clear aim of funding research with a clear road map to market within the shortest time possible to treat all living with Duchenne.

Duchenne is 100% fatal, there is currently no cure. Duchenne is a devastating severe muscle wasting condition that leads to paralysis and early death. Children appear to be developing normally but their muscles are constantly wasting away. By an average age of 10 children are in a wheelchair they then loose the use of all their muscles leading to complete paralysis. Degeneration of the lungs means that as the condition progresses children with Duchenne need a ventilator to breath. Your heart is a muscle too. Average life expectancy for children living with Duchenne is late teens / early 20's.

Duchenne Now aim to get treatments to market that will halt and potentially reverse the effects of this heartbreaking condition.

Duchenne Now is a zero cost charity (all overheads have been kindly sponsored) every penny raised will go to fund research projects that show promise as a treatment for Duchenne and every penny will make a difference. Duchenne Now have great international links and are constantly looking at world-wide research projects to fund.

Tony and his family have always had a positive outlook whilst doing everything they can to ensure a viable treatment is found as soon as possible, for Joey and this generation living with Duchenne. There is no cure or active treatment but there is HOPE, please make a difference and make this hope an exciting reality. We would like to thank everybody involved with EBM for your continued support.

Duchenne Now work with a number of business / corporate partners and we would love to work with your business further. There are a number of ways your business can get involved and help make a difference including choosing us as your charity of the year, dress down days in the office, or members of your company taking part in numerous challenges, runs or corporate team fundraising events. We can organise parachute jumps, corporate team fundraising events. Please get in touch and we can discuss ways in which we could work together.

For further information on Duchenne Now please contact Esther Derber on +44 1706 693 399 or go to

The European Broker Meeting, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, November 8&9 2018!

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