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Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam,
November 8&9, 2018


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Attendance fee for the 14th European Broker Meeting is 850 Euro per attendee for TBS members, non TBS members pay 1400 Euro for the first attendee and 850 Euro for every other attendee (1 year TBS membership included), for each registration we will donate 100 Euro to!

Attendance fee includes lunches, dinners, parties and boat tour but not hotel and flight. We have negotiated a special room rate with the hotel of 275 Euro per night including breakfast, we will provide you with a registration link as soon as you have registered for the European Broker Meeting.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds till August 10th
50% refund till September 10th
25% refund till October 20th
No refunds after October 19th
The European Broker Meeting, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, November 8&9 2018!
The European Broker Meeting is the leading get-together for the computer trading industry with over 600 traders attending each year. The European Broker Meeting offers Computer Brokers, Traders, IT Wholesalers and Refurbishers the opportunity to meet new and existing customers and suppliers all in one place. The EBM is open to all companies trading Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Mobile Phones, Networking and POS Equipment.
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To determine the main interests of the attendees please choose up to 3 of the following product groups as your main interest: