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Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, November 8&9, 2018


The European Broker Meeting November 9 & 10, 2017 in Warsaw

"Hi Mario! We had a great time and made really useful contacts. The pics are good also :), the donation is very generous! See you next year in Amsterdam!
P.S.: Did you considered to move the date of next EBM a bit sooner (October/September)? As the business is really rocking in November. Just asking of course!"

Tibor FORRÓ, ATech.Net s.r.o.
"Hi Mario, thanks for such a great event, looking forward to meet at Holland next year."
Jawad Alvi, ALVI Traders UK Ltd
"Hi Mario, good work all round for your team, well organised, great venue (although Warsaw is a bit grey) - quite enjoyed the EBM this year. Thanks"
Jonathan Jones, SSI Ltd
"Hi Mario, it was great meeting you with my husband Kesh at the EBM last week. The event was quite impressive, and we plan on continuing to attend in the future years. We feel like we meet great potential vendors and buyers, and the organization of the event was amazing."
Mihaela Kesic, Ample Bay
"Hello Mario, I only want to say thank you for that great Brooker Meeting. It was my first time and I really enjoyed the time, the meetings and of course the partys in the evening. Everything was perfectly organized and very professional. So thank you and for sure we are on board next year again."
Christian Graef, GmbH


The European Broker Meeting September 22 & 23, 2016 in Barcelona

"Dear Mario! Thank you for a great and well organized event. This is my first time on EBM, I am incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism, and I am sure I will be there every time. Thank you once again! See you next year!"
Rizwan Yousaf, AL Aziz Computers
"I just wanted to say a massive thanks from myself and Global Resale for such a fantastic event you have just put on in Barcelona. A really great well organised event, you guys should be so proud. Please pass my thanks on to your great team also."
Chris Farrell, Global Resale
"Thanks for another great European Brokermeeting. As always, all well planned, great location, great program and a very helpful app; well done! Was good to see everyone and looking forward to the next one!"
Hendrik Mulder, Infotheek
"Hello Mario, I just wanted to say a big thanks for organising a great event in Barcelona last week. My first visit to the group, but I shall be back again in the future. Very well organised, great location and facilities and great bunch of contacts. Thanks!"
Toby Jennings, 3d System Sales Ltd.
"Dear Partners The Broker Site, Mario, Pepe, Brian, Mina, thanks to the whole team for this opportunity, it was our second year and we have grown together. The best persons, the best organization, the best two productive days ever :) See you soon."
Ema Dias, WDMI - Dist.Material Informatico Unip., Lda
"Hello all, this year's EBM from Barcelona was very very good, I’ve met again a lots of people, I’ve met old friends and customers, made new friends and close some deals. I’ve had a very good time during the EBM and TBS team again was perfect organized. Thank you TBS Staff for a new wonderfull event!!"
Bogdan Momita, Nera Computers SRL
"Dear Mario and the EBM team, you raised the bar again. The hard work and planning you put into the meeting paid dividends, best show yet by far, loved the location, the APP, and the general vibe of the event. Already got new business from our 2 days in Barca!!! We are looking forward to the next one!"
Tony Levene, Eurosimm Ltd.
"First time on EBM but for sure not the last one! Buying the ticket and booking the trip we had mixed feelings as we just recently joined the TBS community and didn't know what to expect frankly, but Mario's and Pepe's help and involvement made it clear and crisp for us that it will be a very fruitful experience for our kind of company. With full schedule booked in just couple of days all the networking, meeting new people and finally being able to see some old sports in person at one spot made the whole difference to us, and now it will be so much easier to build up on those relations! What I can tell for sure at this point in time is, that whether you have 10y history with TBS or just started fresh like we did - this trip is worth your time and effort if you mean to do serious business globally. Already waiting for the next edition as those 32 slots for meetings over 2 days was just not enough!"
Jan Brynczak, mResell
"This year Brokermeeting was fantastic. Mario and his great team did an excellent job organizing everything. Me and all colleagues attending had a very good time and we are looking forward to next year. Thank you for making this meeting more and more professional and thereby increasing the awareness in the importance of re-using IT. Together and with this growing market we make massive impacts on the environment. That way we’re all winners in the end."
Christoffer Sandell, Inrego AB


The European Broker Meeting October 8 & 9, 2015 in Athens

"Hi Mario, I hope you are doing well. It was fantastic at the EBM in Athens!!! WOW!!! Waiting for the next one, just let me know!"
Stratos Albanis, PCRama
"Hello Mario, hope you are well. I would like to say thank you for a great time in Athens. It was my first time and I need to admit it was great organisation and good fun."
Mateusz Hajto, Redeem
"Once again congratulations on the tremendous success of EBM 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am pleased to report that we have already transacted with a new buyer we met at the conference."
Shane Mulholland, Greenbox

"As a newbie I wanted to say that I had a very effective few days. Actually I would have benefited for a few extra days as I only interacted with ~ 30 companies. The APP worked great, the numbered table system was very simple to use. Facilities were first rate. I did quite a drop off, two cancellations on my end on the Friday afternoon. It was very obvious that your team did a lot of work to put this event together and I hope to be at many more. Thanks for having this."
Dave Huculak, Compugen Finance Inc.

"Thank you again for the EBM. It was my first year at the EBM and I’ve had the best time of my life. I’ve met new people, made new friends and new customers. For me it was AMAZING!! Thank you Again!! EBM ROCKS!!"
Bogdan Momita, Nera Computers SRL


The European Broker Meeting October 30 & 31, 2014 in Dublin

"Thanks for you and your team for all the efforts for us. This Event is the best value for money marketing deal for me."
Uri Hirshberg, Global Net Source
"Jim and I had a fantastic couple of days with plenty of excellent meetings and thoroughly enjoyed the event. It’s the first such conference I’ve been to so I don’t have much to compare it against, but certainly if they’re all like that then they’ll have to become a regular occurrence on the calendar. Thanks very much for your efforts in putting it all together and hopefully we’ll get chance to say hello in Athens next year!"
Adam Ramsbottom, 1st Technologies LTD
"This was a great event, well organized. This was my first time on EBM, but i’m sure we will go next year! I’ve met a lot of new partners, and became friends. Thank you again! See you next year!"
Sándor Zsolt, Cartridge Trading
"Thank you for all your hard work in making the EBM in Dublin very worthwhile. It was my first time at an EBM and I thought it was a very well organised, excellent event at a great venue."
Mark Willcox, Tonerman
"Thank your for all the work, we congratulate to the organisation and succes of the BrokerMeeting. We were the first time there, and you can be sure we will attend on every meeting in the future."
Miklós Újvári, Marseus Computer
"As you know it has been a few years since attending a meeting but just wanted to say “WELL DONE” to you and the team in organising a successful event. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have planned for next year!!"
David Welling, Datek Solutions
"On the behalf of the Blancco team, I want to again thank you and your team about the excellent EBM, the event was a great success!"
Johanna Pakkanen, Blanccon
"I would just like to say thanks for another great event, well organised as usual. Well done!!"
Graeme Logan, ISS
"Thank you and your team for a very well organized and professional event. Both the hotel and the venue for the final evening where perfectly chosen and Dublin did help you a bit by being a very hospitable city. As this was my first EBM, it allowed me to meet many of my contacts face to face for the first time in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. If at all possible I will surely attend the next meeting you guys have planned."
Alex van den Wollenberg, Macle GmbH
"Thanks to everyone at the Broker Site for this well organized and successful meeting, the halloween party was nice too!"
Julien Maillard, Top Ten GmbH
"Hello Mario, I have to say as my first time, I was incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism and tact. I was able to meet with most that I wanted to, and those I did not get to meet I was presented with a great attendee directory. Someone had suggested this meeting to me a few years ago and I am glad I took his advice!
Pepe: thank you for the most warm welcome yesterday. It was great to put a face with a name!
I am looking forward to the next meeting!"

Tanuja Chenna, Sigma Manufacturing and Logistics


The European Broker Meeting November 14 & 15, 2013 in Riga

"Hi Mario, Excellent venue, brilliant setup and excellent execution of yet another successful EBM. Thoroughly enjoyed the full 3 days. Yes we went a day early to see what all the fuss was about and I'm glad we did :-) A job well done team EBM! Lets plan for another successful year of business for all EBM members..."
Harun Kabir, SkyTech Solutions
"Hello Mario, Thanks for the nice Meeting which I enjoyed very much in Riga. It was my first time and different to other broker meetings. I met a lot of new contacts. Have a nice Rest of the weekend."
Sebastian Haeckel, Tradefinity GmbH
"Hi Mario, Big thanks for the nice event! Did you think about doing the 2014 EBM in Scandinavia (Oslo, Stockholm, Lappland or Rejkjavik maybe?)."
"Mario, Just wanted to send you a thank you email for the quality organisation of Riga. Really enjoyed the whole weekend, and managed to do plenty of business and meet some great people, yourself and your team included. I look forward to next year..."
Shane Watson, Centrex Services Ltd.
"Hi Mario, Just wanted to say thank you for hosting a great event in Riga, we made some great new business contacts there. Will definitely be attending next year :)"
Kim Goodman, TonerMan Ltd.
"Muchas gracias Mario por este Broker Meeting tan bien organizado y tan exitoso. El año que viene iremos a donde tú nos digas (¿Dónde por cierto?)"
Rafael Ricouard, Compulease
"Hi, Just wanted to say Thank you, for the really great Brokermeeting. Hope to see you next year"
Janek Tobro, Digistep Ltd.
"Hi Mario, We really enjoyed the event and found it incredibly useful."
Andy Shurmer, World Trade Distribution Ltd.
"Hello Mario, Thank you for a nice meeting. It was very good this year. The hotel was perfect for our needs! We all had a nice trip. Hope all went well for you guys!"
Paul Fenlon, Origin Micro, Inc.
"Thanks Mario for a superb meeting! Everything was really professional. Later when you got time i would love to have the electronic info of all attendees , I do not need the email addresses. Many thanks!"
Jonas Sundstén, Moreco Group AB
"Hi Mario, thanks for the great Event, looking forward to see you next year in Mallorca."
Marco Kuhn, bb-net media GmbH
"Hello Mario, Thank you for a brilliant EBM yet again, good choice of city, hotel and entertainment. We found it to be very productive to make new friends and meet old ones. Please thank your team on behalf of Skytech and me for going that extra mile. Looking forward to next year’s already"
Shah Ali, Skytech Solutions
"Hi Mario, I hope you are well. Congratulations on another successful meeting. Well organised as always. Looking forward to next year already."
Graeme Logan, Intelligent Storage Solutions
"Hi Mario, a big Thank You for the meeting you've arranged in Riga. It was at the highest level and of course with the right people- all positive feedback from our company and from me and my colleagues."
Radu Roman, Remarketing International Ltd.
"My guys tell me it was a great EBM in Riga this year. Congratulations on that and for bringing value into the ‘conference arena’ for IT-brokers. Believe me – it is much needed when comparing to other similar events. I am happy we decided to send 7 guys this time instead of the usual 2-3. What do you offer in terms of sponsorship opportunities at the EBM next year?"
Lars Juhl Frandsen, Epoka A/S


The European Broker Meeting November 15 & 16, 2012 in Budapest

"Mario, Thank you to all your team, the event was well organised and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also made lots of new connections and am sure will generate lots of new business for me. Many thanks, Steve"
Steven Coates, ICT Refurbishment Ltd.
"Mario, thank you for your work. We are delighted with this trip to budapest. Please, if you organize the next in madrid, subscribe and let me help you to lend a hand to your great management."
Javier Perez Losada, CSI Renting
"Thanks Mario for putting all together. Your effort is highly appreciated! Good job!"
Larry Tan, eMagic Pte. Ltd.
"Mario, Thanks for a tremendous event. It will be the first of many for us at Tier 1 UK."
Jonny Basso, Tier1 Asset Management Ltd.
"Thanks Mario, had a great time! See you next year in Madrid then"
Sabrina Scheid, Corro GmbH
"Hi Mario! Thanks a lot for a very fine EBM :)!"
Janis Becker, Macle GmbH
"Hi Mario, just want to say thank you, great year becomes a great closure with the EBM 2012. Looking forward to Madrid :-)"
Marco Kuhn, bb-net media GmbH
"Good Morning Guys, I hope you had a safe journey home.
Congratulation on yet another successful event, I have got to hand it to you guys and give you credit on your fantastic organisation. I feel personally that the conference in Budapest was a great success and a credit to everyone at TBS.
Can you guys please give me more information on attending next year’s event in Madrid, I am very interested in finding out more information on advertising packages that are available.
Once again congratulations on another great event."

Graeme Logan, Intelligent Storage Solutions
"Hi Mario, just a quick email to say thanks to you and your team for the EBM. It’s good to meet finally after several years of chatting and we look forward to the next one!"
Jonathan Jones, Delta 99 Ltd.
"Hi Mario, In my opinion you make it better every year, nice meeting this year. Good choice for the next year :-), if you need any supports, help, or you want to ask something to help to organize the event in Madrid, don´t hesitate to contact me."
Javier Gonzalez, Dataserv Espana Asset Recovery and Recycling SL
"It was fantastic, very well organised. Good work – our first as well!"
Chris Pooley, Pinnacle Data Systems
"I stayed there not to make business, more to enjoy everything. Respect, great organisation! Everything was great! This was the best EBM ever!"
Frank Niemann, Cybertrading GmbH
"Thank you for a great event Mario, nice to meet you!"
Alexander Råland, Elektronikåtervinning i Norden AB
"Hi Mario, thank you for the good organisation! It was a great EBM!"
Waldemar Wenzel,
"Mario, Thank you very much for organising a fantastic event."
Steve Inglessis, Blancco OY Ltd.
"Hi Mario, It was a really nice event and a very good organization. Simply enjoyed spending time there with you guys. Thank you for all and good luck!"
Linas Petrauskas, Global Commerce

The European Broker Meeting, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, November 8&9 2018!

The European Broker Meeting is the leading get-together for the computer trading industry with over 600 traders attending each year. The European Broker Meeting offers Computer Brokers, Traders, IT Wholesalers and Refurbishers the opportunity to meet new and existing customers and suppliers all in one place. The EBM is open to all companies trading Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Mobile Phones, Networking and POS Equipment.
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